How To Force Bulbs Indoors #Flowers

Here’s How To Do It:

Choose well draining pots so that the bulbs won’t rot and they can be transported easily inside the house to a warm, sunny location.

Cover the bottom with gravel to support good drainage then top up with potting soil.

Position the preferred amount of bulbs on top of the soil with their pointy sides up and the root side down. There’s no need to space them as when planting in a garden, just make sure that no two are touching each other or the sides of the pot.

Then cover them with some potting soil leaving the top tips exposed.

Water thoroughly then allow to drain.

Place in a cold, dark location like an unheated garage or garden shed–somewhere chilly but doesn’t drop below freezing (the rooting process will stop if they freeze). If there’s room to spare in an old refrigerator, you can do them in there too (ideal but watch the soil moisture, will likely need to water regularly). Some will dig a trench outdoors to hold all the pots until it’s time to bring them in. Dig the trench about 2 feet deep and as wide as needed to hold everything. Cover with a good layer of straw and leaves to give them some protection (about a foot deep in harsh zones).

If positioned somewhere inside, occasionally give a drink with cold water so that the soil doesn’t dry out completely, don’t give too much though, just sparingly. If they were left outdoors, doing this once a month should be sufficient.

Let them chill for about 13 to 15 weeks. When they’re ready to be moved indoors, you will see roots in the drainage holes at the bottom of the pots or new stem growth at the top that’s about two inches high.

When it’s time to bring them inside, transition them first by putting them in the coolest room you have (with some light). Water thoroughly once you bring them in. After a few days you should notice some new plant growth, once you do you can move them to a warmer and sunnier location inside the home.

For the next two to three weeks you’ll notice the shoots growing and then starting to blossom.