How to make a potato barrel using chicken wire

Step 1 : is to make a barrel shape out of chicken wire or metal fencing (which we already had on hand). Just cut to size and use wire to hold it in shape.
Step 2 : line the sides with bird netting to keep the soil in.
Step 3 : placed a good amount of straw as a bottom layer. On top of the straw goes a layer of compost.
Step 4 : Next cut up some seed potatoes, making sure there is an eye in each piece.
Step 5 : Place them around the edge of the barrel with the eyes facing outward.
Step 6 : add layers of Straw on top, then compost, then potato eyes, and repeat till you get to the top. The top layer can have eyes planted all through the center because they can grow straight up. Now keep it watered, watch it grow, and when the foliage dies just dump the whole thing over and dig for buried potato treasure.