Grow Vegetables From Kitchen Scraps

Click the links below to go to the article on how to regrow it. Note : Green Onions/Leeks and Celery/Romaine Lettuce/Cabbage have the same process. I would like to add that you will get better luck from organic produce, as GMO produce in general does not reproduce on their own.
  1. Beets
  2. Onions
  3. Basil
  4. Lemongrass
  5. Mushroom
  6. Bok Choy
  7. Garlic
  8. Ginger
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Lentils
  11. Avocado
  12. Celery, Romaine Lettuce and Cabbage
  13. Pineapple
  14. Carrot Tops
  15. Green Onions & Leeks
  16. Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes
  17. Tomatoes
  18. Apples