Greens Light Garden

Grow Your Own Delicious Greens Year Round

  • VIDEO: The My Greens Light Garden — How it Works
  • Grow fresh herbs and salad green right on your kitchen counter
  • Energy-efficient T-5 lamps for successful indoor growing
  • Four growing trays for succession planting

Harvest fresh greens and herbs year-round in the My Greens Light Garden. It’s compact enough — and attractive enough, too — to fit on most countertops. This all-in-one growing system includes two high-efficiency, high-output fluorescent lights that can be raised as plants grow, our proprietary self-watering system, and four growing trays. For a continual harvest, plant one tray every week or two — plants will reach harvest size at different times. Simply fill the tray with growing mix and plant your choice of seeds (there are no expensive seed modules or special fertilizer packs). When you’ve harvested a tray, simply wash it and replant. Grow spicy mixed greens to liven up bland supermarket salads; grow fresh herbs to save a fortune versus store-bought. My Greens is made for years of use and stores neatly away.