Easy vegetables to grow from seeds

Growing your own food is the most gratifying and rewarding act on the planet. Plus, starting food from seeds is easy, inexpensive and fun. But planning a garden can be daunting and many gardeners do not know where to start. so here is ten Vegetables that are Easy to Grow from Seed
  1. Swiss Chard : Great late season crop with yummy colors. Enjoyable to eat and to look at.
  2. Spinach : These seeds were fantastic. Arrived quickly and grew lovely, tasty organic spinach in no time. I planted them the first weekend in September and we're eating delicious spinach today!
  3. Beans : They grow fast and yield heavily. The plants are very tiny and that can be an advantage for those who don't have enough space. Moreover, these green beans have a sweet captivating flavor.
  4. Beets : They are easy to plant. All they need is thinning, watering, and weeding.
  5. Cucumber : These got off to a slow start when I planted them in early summer, but they've really taken off in the past few weeks (early August) and the plants are now full of cucumbers and blossoms.
  6. Radishes : They sprout quickly and taste good. Plant about every two weeks for a continuous harvest.
  7. Lettuce : I tilled a little space in my garden, added some new soil and then planted a handful of seeds in three rows. Two weeks later they're growing! It's very exciting and they grow so quickly with very little maintenance needed! I water them every morning before work.
  8. Tomatoes : Germination rate was close to 100% and the plants are very robust and tolerate phytophtora very well.
  9. Peas : We have these planted Ina raised bed. They are super sweet and juicy. My kids eat them right off the plant. From one packet of seeds I am harvesting about 15 a day.
  10. Basil : They germinate very quickly and are very fragrant! They also taste wonderful.